Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Recent Changes Aug 16th-25th

So, I figure that I'll start writing entries detailing changes for the previous week. I'd prefer to do this on like a Sunday night, but I'll start now and kinda work back to that.

Since August 16th, the following changes have occurred in cardinal/master:

Parser fixes:
  • Postfix ++ and -- were removed; these exist in Perl6 but not in Ruby. (joeri)
  • Parens were enabled in the optable. (joeri)
  • Some cleanups and removal of rules that aren't used. (joeri)
  • Require float literals to have at least one digit prior to the radix point. (treed)
  • Fixed a problem with trailing whitespace causing parsefail. (joeri)
PIR fixes:
  • == now works with true and false properly. Tests added to that effect. (joeri, treed)
  • The GC class was changed to use the true and false constants, rather than 1 and 0. (joeri, treed)
  • puts and friends now return nil (joeri)
  • Array#nitems removed; no longer present in Ruby 1.9 (dtm)
  • Array#count added; new in Ruby 1.9.(dtm)
  • Array#select added. (dtm)
Other stuff:
  • Some miscellaneous Rakefile fixes. (treed)
  • Update Makefile build. (pfarrad)
  • Added "report" target to Rakefile, for generating a TAP archive for jdv79's smolder test stuff. (treed)

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